Flood Restoration
Northern Beaches

The earth’s climate is awry. With the “new normal” setting in, you can expect flooding to become more and more frequent, even in parts of the country with normally low to zero flood risks.

Then again you don’t really have to live outside the Great Dividing Range to experience water damage to your carpet. The tap in your home can fail or pipes can burst, or the water dispenser in your office can malfunction. The toilet may even back up causing not just a wet mess but also disgusting one.

Do you think you should just leave a wet carpet to dry by itself? Think again.

What Are The Risks of a Wet Carpet?

If not dried properly and quickly, a wet carpet will become a breeding ground for mold. Over time the carpet will start to smell bad. Extended exposure to mold will cause a host of other problems including watery eyes, skin allergies, congestion in the nose, that and lungs and also difficulty in breathing.

Over time a moldy carpet can also cause asthma, tuberculosis, and cystic fibrosis.

A wet carpet is also doesn’t feel right, can you imagine walking on something that squishes with each step? Don’t forget that the smell of a carpet not dried properly is a bother; you won’t be able to relax with the constant unpleasant smell hanging around your home or office. It will also be embarrassing for visitors or customers.

Drying Wet Carpets

Carpets are already tough to clean. When your carpet gets wet this makes the job even harder because the water they absorbed makes them heavier. If the carpet covers a large area and cannot be moved then this becomes an even bigger problem.

There are several ways to dry a wet carpet. One way is to spread towels over the wet areas and then press down or walk over those towels until they soak up the water. Take the towels and replace them with new ones and then repeat until the carpet is totally dry.

You can also suck up the water in the carpet using a special vacuum designed to soak up water. There is special vacuum cleaner for this, the ordinary household vacuums will not do.

Another way to dry a wet carpet is to hasten the evaporation process of the water trapped inside the carpet. To do this you can use a hair dryer, ceiling fans or even crank up of dehumidifier if you have one.

Leave Wet Carpet Care to the Experts

Even after all that there’s just no telling if you’ve done a thorough job. Sure, the carpet is dry but does it still smell like a wet dog? Yes, the carpet is dry, but are you sure everything that should not be there is no longer there? One thing you have to make sure is that floor under the carpet is not sopping wet. If it is chances are mold will grow under the carpet.

The best solution when dealing with a wet carpet is to go for professional help. That’s us. We can deal with that wet carpet and make sure it’s dry, clean and smells good again.


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