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The value of air condition and cleaning maintenance

In our Australian hot and humid climate the air conditioner is indispensable and one of the best ways to ensure it keeps working efficiently and keeps working is regular cleaning. There are other benefits apart form keeping us cool such as air pollution filtration. It is well know that air conditioners improves air quality by removing harmful germs, mould and bacteria; and whilst we generally have good air in Australia there are studies that show long-term filtration of air pollution with indoor air conditioners is also associated with better cardiovascular health in adults. (Chuang et al., 2017).

In addition, another great plus for keeping your air conditioner unit clean is the increased performance. This can be as much as 4⁰C  in either heating and cooling.

This in-turn improves energy efficiency and so reduces your electricity bill. Not only this but an improved performance also means your air conditioning unit can reach your ideal temperature a lot quicker.

With all this being said the air conditioner in your home or office may not always get much thought and it can be a time-consuming and a messy process to give it the thorough clean that is needed. By scheduling regular professional air conditioner cleaning services, you can have peace of mind that your unit cleared of contaminants, helping it to operate at optimum efficiency and most importantly better comfort and healthier indoor air quality.

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