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The office or workplace carpet is indispensable; it makes the workplace feel more welcoming, provides some insulation and protects the floor against the legs of some furniture. It also protects the floor against the constant foot traffic and its thick padding has saved many a coffee mug from total obliteration.

With that said the carpet in your office doesn’t have an easy life. You can expect a lot of wear from your co-workers or employees coming and going. You can add to that the constant contact from office chair wheels and the weight of office furniture bearing down on it. You can also expect the occasional spilled coffee or water, and crumbs from pizza and biscuits.

If your workplace happens to be a restaurant, coffee shop or other establishments that often sees many customers you can expect even more foot traffic. Not to mention you will also get visits from delivery persons and other people associated with your business, they and whatever dust and dirt are under their footwear.

A Dirty Carpet Can Give You Problems

Do you think a dirty carpet is no big deal? Just look at some of the problems it can cause you.

Respiratory Problems – Dust can be the cause of many respiratory problems. Imagine how much dust is stirred and thrown into the air each time someone steps on that carpet. Ignoring a dusty carpet can cause health problems in the workplace and it can also be a reason for some people to stop going to work.

Poor Public Perception – A dirty carpet gives a bad impression of your places of business. People will see your carpet with all its dust and stains and start to have doubts about how well you treat your employees, how you take care of your surrounding and ultimately how you conduct your business.

If there is also an odour coming from the carpet you can assume they won’t stay long.

Additional Costs – You may not know it but eventually a carpet can become too dirty to clean. Let’s just say all that dust and dirt has finally merged with whatever has oozed into your carpet and the resulting substance has matted deep into the material and caused extensive damage.

By then you will have no choice but to get a new one. You will also have realised that it is far cheaper to have a carpet cleaned than to pay for a new one, not to mention you will have to pay for its transport and installation if it has to be professionally fitted.

Get That Carpet Clean

How often should you clean your workplace carpet? This will depends on factors like the nature of your business and where the workplace is located, among others. However, experts advise that the ideal period is every 12 to 18 months for newer carpets and every six months for older carpets.

A good vacuuming will usually do the job, but why not have it done thoroughly? This will add years to how long it stays in good condition.

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