Leather Cleaning

Leather looks nice. Countless villains on TV and in the movies have proven that it makes them look good even if they are bad. The good thing about leather is that it’s not just for clothes; you can also have leather carpets and furniture.

Leather carpets lend an air of sophistication to your home. It tells your friends and visitors that when it comes to your taste ordinary carpets just won’t make the cut.

Leather furniture is also nice to have. Some people especially like the way they feel against the skin compared to wood, wicker or plastic.

The sad thing is like leather clothes, leather carpets and leather furniture can take special cleaning if you want them to always look their best and also to last.

The Problem with Leather

Looking good always comes with a price and the price for having leather furniture and carpets is taking utmost care of them. Here are some tips:

No Direct Sunlight – You might want that leather carpet or couch for that very bright room or the room with natural sunlight but this is a bad idea. Direct sunlight can cause colors to fade. And once the colors fade there’s usually nothing you can do to make them bright again. It can also crack because of the heat.

With that said you shouldn’t also place leather furniture in extremely cold places. Having it in an airconditioned room is fine, but putting it right next to the airconditioner where the cool air hits it directly is not advisable. It can also crack because of the cold.

Apply Conditioner Regularly – Leather carpets or furniture require regular cleaning. There are now many products available for this, you can apply it to the leather with a rag or spray it on directly. One thing you have to make sure of is that you use products that are designed for use with leather because it might have adverse effects on the surface of leather if it isn’t.

There are also leather furniture cleaners available from high-end furniture stores and leather product manufacturers.

Don’t Clean With Water or Soap – “Conditioner? Bah!” you might say, “I’ll just clean it with soap and water.” Don’t make this mistake. Leather should never be cleaned by prolonged soaking in soap or water as this can damage the leather. Can you imagine pieces of your precious leather furniture bulging and then flaking off? Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Keep The Pets Away – Pets love to lie around the house, no doubt they will love to lie on that leather couch or carpet. They also love to leave their marks on them, whether these are scratch marks, pee or poop.

Treat Any Spills Quickly – Blot any spills quickly using clean cloth towels or paper towels. If you happen to spill oily or greasy substances on them like food sauce you can use talcum powder or baking powder to help absorb it.

Keep Your Leather Looking Good

You want your leather carpets and furniture to last a long time. Why take chances when it comes to cleaning them? You should leave it to professionals like us; we know how to take care of even the most delicate leather carpets and furniture.


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