Carpet Cleaning – Residential

The carpet is one of the things you must have in your house. They keep you from slipping on the tiles, they prevent the legs of heavy furniture from damaging the precious parquet designs and they also allow your kids to sit on the floor when they watch TV.

With that said the carpet is also one of the toughest things to clean in the house. Depending on its size it can be heavy to move. Depending on what material it is you also cannot clean all kinds of carpets in the same way.

The Ordeals Of A House Carpet

House carpets take a beating. Expect your kids to play hard on them, your pets to sleep on them and guests and visitors to walk all over them with all the dust and dirt their shoes can bring in from the outside.

When you clean other parts of the house the carpet also becomes a magnet for dust. Depending on what it’s made of it can have many small places for dust to hide in.

Then there’s the matter of food and drink. If you frequently have people over for a good time you can assume at one point or another someone will accidentally spill water, beer, soda or drop food on the carpet, we are only humans after all.

After everything it has gone through that carpet has to go a certain length time of time without a thorough cleaning as giving it a methodical cleanup will take some time.

Carpet Cleaning

There are several ways to clean carpets quickly. The method usually depends on what type of carpet it is and how much activity it sees. Those who don’t have the option of a vacuum cleaner can always take it out to the back and beat the heck out of it, but you can only do this if the carpet is small enough to be moved and light enough to be carried.

Vacuuming is ideal for carpets that cannot be moved and don’t see much activity. For carpets that cannot be moved but do see a lot of activity, you can use a powder that absorbs much of the dirt, then you vacuum the powder away. There’s also a carpet shampoo you can apply.

How often should you clean your carpet? Again, this depends on factors like where you live or work and how often people walk on your carpet. However, the ideal is every 12 to 18 months for newer carpets and every six months for older carpets.

Cleaning a carpet can be time consuming, especially if you have a carpet that covers a big area or one that has not been cleaned for a long time.

We Do Professional Carpet Cleaning

Sure, vacuuming can get some cleaning done, but do you really want to stop there? What if we can guarantee that once we are finished your home carpet will not just look clean, it will also and smell clean and feel clean as well. We are professionals who have been serving the Northern Beaches area for over 10 years now. Give us a call.


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