Upholstery Cleaning – Commercial

A business needs many appliance and furniture to run. One of those most taken for granted is the chairs. In an office it’s the chairs that let employees work comfortably for hours. In other workplaces like bars, coffee shops and restaurants they make sure our guests, customers or visitors are at ease while they wait to be entertained and when they receive service.

What makes a chair comfortable? The size and the design of the chair has something to do with it, but so does the quality of the upholstery.

What is upholstery? This is what we collectively call the combination of covers, fabric, padding, coils, springs or webbing that makes our chairs or couches soft or springy. Without upholstery there’s only the wooden, steel or plastic form of the chair where we can rest on. While it’s true this is deal for some furniture you really can’t expect to sit and work comfortably for extended periods of time on a hard surface, let alone concentrate on your work.

Like anything else upholstery can get dirty if neglected for a long time.

What Makes Office Upholstery Dirty?

Constant Use – In homes people sit on their chairs for leisure. In the office people also sit on chairs to work. However, office chairs see more punishment because when we work we tend to sit in place without shifting our weight for a long time.

Upholstery in restaurant seats also see a lot of use, especially in busier ones. Different people with different weights and posterior sizes come in. Sometimes they only sit for a while and sometimes for an hour or more.

Dust – If you have a business that constantly sees employees or customers coming in and out chances are they will be bringing all kinds of dirt or dust into the workplace. Dust can enter the tiniest places in the upholstery, and with the constant use they get the more the dust gets pushed into the material.

Sweat – The more people use a chair the more they are likely to get sweat on in. This can happen even in a controlled environment like the office or a restaurant. Restaurants are often given a general cleaning at the end of the day and the chairs are wiped after closing, not after every customer has used it. This means sweat can dry on the surface, leaving chemicals that can discolor it over time.

General Neglect – Some people might put off cleaning office upholstery due to the simple fact that they don’t own it or the fact that they do not live in the office. It’s easier to ignore something if it isn’t yours.

Cleaning upholstery in the workplace can also take time away from your tasks. Why not let professionals clean your upholstery for you?

Cleaning Upholstery is Added Work, Just Let Us Do It For You

Does your office or workplace upholstery need cleaning? We can service businesses in the Northern Beaches area. We have been cleaning upholstery for over ten years now and you can count on us to know what we are doing.


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