Carpet Cleaning - Residential

The carpet is one of the toughest things to clean in the house. Depending on what material it is you also cannot clean all kinds of carpets in the same way. Read more

Carpet Cleaning - Commercial

The workplace carpet is indispensable; it makes the workplace feel more welcoming, provides some insulation and protects the floor against the legs of some furniture. Read more

Upholstry Cleaning - Residential

Cleaning the upholstery in your home can take some effort, especially if the material you are working on happens to be quite delicate or expensive. Read more

Upholstry Cleaning - Commercial

Cleaning upholstery in the workplace can also take time away from your tasks. Why not let professionals clean your upholstery for you? Read more

Flood Restoration

When your carpet gets wet this makes the job even harder because the water they absorbed makes them heavier then becomes an even bigger problem. Read more

Leather Cleaning

Looking good always comes with a price and the price for having leather furniture and carpets is taking utmost care of them. Read more

Pet Odor Removal

It’s more than just pet poo or pee smelling bad on your carpet. Studies have shown that your pet’s poo can carry germs that cause whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms and many more. Read more

Stain Removal

Cleaning stains on a carpet can be a difficult job. That trouble goes double if you’ve put off cleaning the stain for a very long time and the stain has seeped into the carpet. Read more

Marine Upholstery

You may think the upholstery won’t get dirty or dusty just because your boat is on the water and not in the road, but it actually can. Read more

Bedding Sanitation

Do you think you are alone in bed? Not quite. Chances are likely these things might be tucked in tight with you. Read more

Air conditioner cleaning

We all need to escape the heat at times. Regular air conditioner cleaning can extend the life of the system and improve air quality. Read more


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