Carpet cleaning to remove pet odour and smells

Our animal companions make our lives richer and more interesting. Whether you have a cat, a dog or a bird it’s always nice to see them performing their antics around the house, playing with the kids or cozying up to you.

However, as all pet owners know, not all the things they do are adorable. Especially the things they do on your carpet when you aren’t looking. It does not matter how many times you tell them not to do it, an animal’s instinct to mark its territory will always be inherent…and the carpet is one of those places where they love to do their business.

You Should Take Pet Odour Seriously

It’s more than just pet poo or pee smelling bad on your carpet. Studies have shown that your pet’s poo can carry germs that cause whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, parvo, coronavirus, giardiasis, salmonellosis, cryptosporidiosis and campylobacteriosis. Even if you have removed the offending object chances are the germs may still be in the carpet.

Animal pee is another thing entirely. The urine if your dog or cat contains ammonia which can irritate the lungs when inhaled in small amounts. In large quantities they can even cause your nose, throat and lungs to feel as if they are burning.

Prolonged exposure will cause skin and eye irritation and can even cause fainting.

Now can you still imagine yourself sitting, or your children playing, on that carpet?

Let’s say your animal is housebroken and do their business in the right place, but this still doesn’t mean all is well. The more time they spend on the carpet the more chances the carpet will start to smell like them, and this may not always be pleasant, especially to your visitors. You can also expect that carpet to be a trap for loose fur.

You bathe your pets regularly; shouldn’t you also regularly clean your carpet?

Clean That Carpet…

Carpets are not that easy to clean. Even those that are small enough can be cumbersome and heavy to move around. Those that cover huge areas can’t be moved at all without professional assistance.

Carpets are also made of tough fabric to last years of use, so you can also expect cleaning them to be gnarly if you aren’t used to it.

There are several ways to clean a carpet, you can just vacuum it and you’re done. Or you can sprinkle a powder that soaks up the dirt and the vacuum after it. Then there’s also the application of carpet shampoo.

If you are feeling extra lazy there’s always the time-honored practice of hanging it on your clothesline and beating it to death with a broom.

Just because your carpet appears to be clean doesn’t mean it is. There can still be residual pee, poo or animal hair left. There can also be a pervading animal smell.

…Or Have Someone Else Do It for You

We have been serving clients in the Northern Beaches area and we are professionals when it comes to cleaning carpets. We know how to get rid of whatever your pet left behind so you don’t have to, and you have our guarantee we’re not going to do it the lazy way.


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